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Dog Massage and

Wellness by Cindy

Holistic, hands-on care for your dog

I have been offering massage on animal since 2005.  I have had the pleasure to work on many different types of dogs and horses.  I have seen massage make a significant difference in my dogs life both mentally and physically.

Massage benefits both animal and human alike.

Massage has been used to:                                                                                     Prices:

Improve structural balance                                                                                   $65.00 for initial consultation

Bring strength to weakened muscles                                                                 $50.00 for follow-up visits

Pain management

Speed up the healing process                                                                               $10.00 trip charge if out of area

Aid in behavioral problems

Reduce stress and anxiety                                                                                     Buy 5 follow-up visits get one free

Restore proper mobility and flexibility

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of muscles and skin to promote increased circulation to all the organs and tissues in the animal’s body.  It is natural pain management for your pet.

What dogs can benefit from our wellness session–

Working dogs, Service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs and other working canines, (Agility, flyball, freestyle and all sport dogs) can benefit from regular massage.  It relieves tired and sore muscles and will help your animals relax.

Senior and Geriatric dogs benefit, particularly those suffering from arthritis, stiffness, skin conditions,  impaired heart, liver or kidney function.  Dogs suffering from chronic and degenerative disorders also benefit from therapy.

Large breed puppies benefit by increasing circulation to the joints and limbs.  This also stimulates growing bones helping them to receive nutrients.  Because fast growing breeds tend to be more prone to sprains and strains, regular massage around the joints help them heal faster.

All dogs can benefit from massage, old and young alike.  Before your pet’s therapy session starts, we will sit down and discuss your dog’s individual needs, behavior and health.  We can create a custom program for you and your pet.  We will work with your veterinarian to provide the best wellness plan for your dog.

You should always consult your veterinarian in all matters concerning your pet’s health.

We are trained in Theraputic massage, Myofascial release, Trigger point and Sports massage.  We use these methods along with Acupressure, as needed for your pet