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As a veterinarian I am often frustrated with the fact that I know animals need good dental care and that often involves general anesthesia which can be detrimental to their health. I was very intrigued when I first heard about Dr. Turie Norman’s Anesthesia-Free teeth cleaning. After hearing many favorable reports from people who had taken their animals to Dr. Norman I began suggesting her services to my clients. I have had the opportunity to see the results on several occasions when she has referred dogs back to me who needed extractions. I can think of one boxer who’s teeth were pristine when she came to see me inspite of needing five teeth extracted. I routinely suggest anesthesia-free teeth cleanings now to many of my patients who either have mild enough tartar that does not justify the risk of anesthesia or for those that anesthesia is just too risky. It’s so nice to have one more option to offer people who want to do what is best for their pets.

Janet Glenn D.V.M.

My 9 year old greyhound, Lexi, had a bad reaction to the anesthesia for her last dental cleaning.  When I heard there was a non – anesthesia alternative, I investigated and found Cindy in the Denver and Colorado Springs area.   The experience was GREAT.   Lexi was anxious about this new procedure.   However, when she was done she just shock if off and went for a walk.   It took about 40 minutes (instead of a whole day otherwise).  The price was the same as my experience at the vet.  I am very impressed and hope to make the drive to Colorado Springs again in 6 months for her next cleaning!

Renelle Branson

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how please we were with the results of our Husky’s teeth cleaning. We have put off having his teeth cleaned due his age and fear of anesthesia, but this was the best solution. I have recommended this method of cleaning to everyone I know with a dog.

Although I have a full time job that I could not give up, if you are ever looking for part time help, I feel so strongly in this method of cleaning that I would love to work with you doing this method of cleaning.

Thanks so much for what you do!
Charlene Thoma

You cleaned Bella’s (my Iggie’s) teeth at 8:30 on Wednesday September 2 at Dr. Friedley’s and I want to “thank you” for the terrific job you did. Not only do her teeth look “sparkling white” as a friend described, but you put in lots of effort to achieve those results. I also appreciate the tips you gave me about cleaning and some helpful dietary needs, like the medallions sold at Mike’s.

I wish you and Dr. Friedley were cloned so I’d have easier access to holistic parishioners as I don’t drive and live in Colo. Springs.

Take care. Jean and Bella (She’s been smiling more).

Also wanted to let you know I had to take him in to the vet for a shot update a couple days ago and the vet commented on what a great job you had done, and that she would definitely be recommending you to even more of her patients/owners.
Thanks again!

Can not thank you enough for looking at Kasandra’s broken tooth. It gave both of us a lot of comfort. I know it came from the heart. So thank you again and we will see you for her cleaning this summer.
Judi Pagano

I took my dog Hazel to one of your clinics in Fort Collins this past week. I was really surprised at how well her teeth were cleaned and how calm she was in your care. It was definitely worth the money I paid in return for a dog with healthy teeth and the peace of mind that comes along with sedation-free dental services. I now plan to get her teeth cleaned yearly through the Well Animal Institute. I thank you and so does Hazel!
Jeremy Trujillo

Dog Peeps,

I just had Oso’s teeth cleaned by these folks and they did a great job. My dog is not fond of vets at ALL and he had no problem, which amazed me, I was thinking lawsuits would fly but he was unfazed. Think “teeth whisperer”, the woman who does it is like walking doggie valium.

Cheaper and less traumatic for the animal, highly recommended.



Chickie has some gum problems, but she’s too old to be put under for teeth cleaning.” the vet told me. Chickie, our 13 year-old collie mix, wasn’t enjoying chewing much anymore. While in the groomer’s office I saw the ad for the anesthesia-free dental care. I made an appointment for Chickie. I wondered how she would handle the process without being out by anesthesia. I wondered if it would make a difference for her. However, I couldn’t believe how Randy, the technician, had her calm and relaxed while he cleaned her teeth. Even more, I couldn’t believe the results! Once again Chickie chews! What a delight to have Chickie back to enjoying a hearty bone!
Grace Sussman